Me and mack were bored, literally spar better than i do otherwise without fuckin limbs. Ggwp toribash
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Me and Fred doing our better spar in a long while now.
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#FreXi# - Anamma.rpl (832.9 KB, 20 views)

absolute beast you are. your movement is flawless, i thought i had gotten the hang of morten but seeing you fly around tells me i've got alot more to learn. would love to spar with you sometime!
Thanks for the input Karbn, and we sure need to spar sometime!

Shitty esc spar me and swexx did, both could of done much better. But was fun making it.
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#SweXi# - Ratten .rpl (846.0 KB, 20 views)

Hey look, a spar with an oldfag just like me :,)
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#ChaXi# - Taxi.rpl (798.5 KB, 19 views)

Yo, nice replay there with chaz.
cool opener n such but then ukind run into him, lol derp.
what i noticed 2nd off is that your kicks were
super stylish, i love that double hit that sent him back a bit,
then fast forward past those sweet dodges u pulled off,
to the part where u run and punch him in the face. Looked
really aggressive like u wanted the kill, tbh I was thinking that
move would be the ko, but then the icing on the cake, chaz comes for
ko and u just brutally throw him over you. amazing work imo.
every time i stop by lately theres more inspiration keep it up
~Smoke Weed