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[Suggestion] What about making official duel room ?
What about creating an official duel room where people could join if they want, it could be as tourney, for example:

AikidoBigDojo Official Duels 1000 TC
AikidoBigDojo Official Duels 500 TC
Wushu Official Duels 1000 TC
Wushu Official Duels 500 TC

or simple

abd : 1000 TC
wushu: 1000 TC
judo: 1000 TC

and ultimate duel room:

abd: 5000
wushu: 5000
judo: 5000

and to ultimate official duel room can join only 3rd dan and higher

I think it's a great idea !
This would be kinda good to make an official non-op run server
So sometimes sore losers wont kick/ban you when winning.

I support this. Sometimes having an official server attracts much more attention..hence more players.
I don't really agree with the rooms you've given, but I guess they're just an example. It needs a bit more variety.
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This would be great, it could be like a tourney, sometimes people join tourneys and they're around 9 in queue and all that effort is only for 500-750 TC but if it could be a duel tourney, something like that it would be very nice.

This would be pretty nice actually. You can just jump in when you like and not have to make your own and wait for players.
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I support this 100%. Maybe add more variety to the selection however this is one of the best ideas I have heard for an official room outside of acrojoust. :^)

If it will stop all the people who go into every server
and ask: "anyone wanna duel", I support this.
And having a Qi restriction to them would be best.
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