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[War] Current ranking system.

I've been extremely "motivated" to play the game these past few months just because of the war system. I love competitive gaming and enjoy Toribash so combining those in a clanwar is so much fun for me. But I just heard from GM's (Moop, Smallbowl) that the ranking system is completely uncompetitive. For example the ranked #1 clan [Wapow] in the last 50 games have lost 24, which is almost half (26 wins 24 losses). On the other hand # 41 [Parrot]s full record is 25 wins 4 losses. [Wapow]'s full record is too long to document so I only took the last 50 games seen, so the data isnt fully accurate but still very clear. There should be no reason [Parrot] is ranked #41.

What is the point of a ranking system, if it does not encourage winning? How can you rank clans if the point system is unable to record even remotely accurately the best clan (which Im not saying we are)? Getting only points for winning in a ladder where you can war as much as you like is indeed a bit pointless.

In order for Toribash to generate even the slightest hint of esport viability (which would be awesome) fixing the ranking system should be high priority. At its current state it does not encourage winning other than "for honour", and it definitely does not give any gratification from being a high ranked clan. The knowledge that it doesnt really matter if you win or lose does really lower my motivation for warring.

I really hope to hear about the problems that my proposal might pose and would be more than happy to help the mod team in this problem to create a better ranking system and a better competitive enviorment for us all.

EQUATION FOR RANKINGS (important shit)



I will address the problems and solutions in PS.

1. How?

There are plenty of algorythms and scripts of ladder/ranking systems online, and If that is hard to implement, even a simple 1 point per lose 1 point per win would be better than the current system.

2. Would It cause clans to only play games that are certain wins?

If the point system rewards winning higher ranked team then definitely not. It would actually benefit the lower ranked teams to challenge higher ranked ones. Thus creating a richer and more diverse ladder.

3. Clans would only pick their own mods then?

My proposal is that in "ladder matches" if agreement on the mod cannot be found its half and half mods, each clan chooses an official mod and its split. If both are fine with lets say ABD, no problem.

4. It would deter casual players from warring?

Possibly, but then again the games casual nature is the largest part of the experience already. Dedicating a small part of TB to competition would be fine in my opinion

5. What about the current ladder?

That is up to the devs, I personally would be fine with a reset or implementation into the current standings.


-Easy to reward active clans and players with prizes for winning.
- Brings "professionalism" to warring.
-Competition is fun and so is winning, it is very satisfying to climb the ladder and achieve a higher rank when you really deserve it!


-Implementation could require some work/programming which I dont understand so I cannot comment on it.
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Most clan wars are in ABD, taking it out is not a good idea in my opinion. I like the other details though, since the current system is complicated.
Fully supported if you add in more mods.
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supported for mods like ABD and such but I guess if you add more mods into the mix it will encourage clans to dabble in different mods for that special title.
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You know you can war in any mod right? Not just ABD you could war in Jousting if you want
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You know you can war in any mod right? Not just ABD you could war in Jousting if you want

War mods mentioned in this post are only
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Time to fix war system
sometimes i finish wars for example 15-10
then at the war history it says 13-9
and the war history should have been in a line arranged from newest to oldest
it might seem like it is like that but nope
i took a look at my clans history and it says we have warred Wapow 4 times in a row ...
not that i would never war wapow 4 times in a row
i would never war ANY clan over 1 time in a row
with that being said

it basically gives wrong info, it would be great if it could be fixed up
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