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Good day ladies and gentlemen,

Has it ever happened to you, you're searching somebodies deactivated, you see an item that interests you, but you have no idea how much it is in the Market right now, you press [Search in market] and... you find nothing.

So you proceed to check the store price, you press [View store item] and usually you'll find the price, but in some cases like this you'll find nothing, this is probably because the item is only being sold in USD.

My suggestion would be to add the USD prices too, this way people will know what the price is of certain items in USD and either offer USD or make an estimation of how much TC that would be, it would save the struggle of having to go to the shop, search for the item, check the price and get back to the thread.

It's just a suggestion, critic etc. is always welcome, any additions or ideas are also welcome.
Sounds like a solid idea, won't require much coding as it's just a hotlink and there's really no downside to it.

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This has nothing to do with the price check thread. He's asking for more info on the shop pages. I like the idea. Dont see how it could hurt to put that info in.
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