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Toribash Rocket League?

Hey It's Matarika! I'm a huge fan of the game Rocket League. A competitive EGame in which you play soccer as cars! In the game you can boost and fly around in the air. Something I couldn't replicate in toribash. But In this mod is a fully drivable car with excellent handling Created by the legendary Smilies2.

The ball has slight bounce, but not too much or it'll fly everywhere. I tried to replicate the actual games ball weight. The goals are fully functional. Enjoy!


Abs- Steering "Hold to turn in the same direction at a lower degree/ Relax to go straight"

Wrists Ankles- Motors/Engine

Lumbar- Contorts shape of the car for personal preferences

Grabbing Hands/ 'V'- Emergency Brakes

Use a combination of ab and individual wheel braking and acceleration to turn at any degree.

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