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Items, Textures, Market & Torishop

Items, Textures, the Market and the Torishop

A) Items
B) Textures
C) Market
D) Torishop


A) What are items?
Items are used in the game to enhance the look and feel of the game, and as 'collectors items', typical examples of items are joint colours, an example is shown below.

B) How can I get Items?
All items cost Toricredits (abv. TC) and are bought in the market from other players, or from the Torishop (see section C and D). You also need to have the requestions Qi to accept the item, you need a minimum of 20Qi to trade, and all Qi restrictions for each item can be found by browsing the items in the Torishop.

C) Do items make you better in game?
No, but you will look rather dapper.

D) How do people earn all the TC for these items?
Winning in game on official servers gets you 10tc per win.
Winning tournaments, can get you anything from 50tc to 10,000tc and more in the right tournaments.
Winning events is also a good way to get TC, you can find out more in the events board.
Trading items I the market believe it or not is also a good way, just buy for low and sell for high.
Making and selling art for signatures, avatars and textures over the market also works a treat.

E) How do you use an item once you have bought it?
Simply go to the Shop, then to your deactivated inventory, find the item and click 'activate'.
Deactivated inventory:

C) What about flames?
For flames, you can go here to buy pre-made ones, as well as going ingame and going to the menu screen and clicking Setup>Utils>Flame Browser

If you go ingame and hit escape, or are on the menu screen, you can go Setup>Utils>Flame Forger to make your own flames.

A flame can have various effects depending on the way the forger manipulates it, but it it always centered around a chosen joint.

When you have a flame, you can also apply an image to it as a flame particle. Flame particle images make each particle represent the image you apply to it.

For more in depth, and how to use each specific tweak, you can look here. (outdated source, but the concept is the same)


A) What are textures?
Textures are a flat image wrapped to a 3D objects, they give 'texture' to the object to make it look more detailed than it really is. In Toribash we used them to add customisation.
To use textures, you need first the texture item for the object you want to texture (note that you can buy them in three different resolutions; 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512) and the image you are going to apply to this item. Below are a few images demonstrating textures.


B) Where do I get the texture item for a particular body part?
Simply go to the Torishop, you can find what you need in the textures section.

C) Where do I get the texture image?
You make make one, buy one from the market, or get a friend to make you one.
There are also some free textures, which cane be found in the art board. Note that all textures must be 128x128, 256x256 or 512x512 pixels large, and in one of the accepted formats stated on the texture uploader.

D) How do I use a texture once I have the item and image?
First make sure the item is activated, just the same as any other item.
Now in your inventory go to 'textures' and find the texture item relevant.
(Note: you can also activate your texture item from this screen.)
Now click 'upload' and then select the correct file to upload from your computer.


A) What is the 'Market' in Torishop, and what is the forum market?
There are actually two markets, an automated personal market for every player, which sits in your inventory and in the 'market' section, and a forum for trade and auctioneering. The most major difference is that the automated market can't be used to sell art, so the forum market is used for that.

B) How do I use the forum market?
First, read the rules of the market, they are posted as a sticky on all market boards, and they can also be found here.
If you want to sell something, post a sales thread, or auction thread, these work pretty much like they do in real life. If you want to buy something, check the sales threads or auction threads.
There are also request boards where you can request artwork.
The market can be found from the main forum, and is linked here.

C) Does the market have better deals than Torishop?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no, items that are sold out normally cost more, while items that are in stock typically cost less.

D) How do I use the automated market?
Simply go to the market using the button at the top on the same bar 'forum' and 'shop' are on, here you can browser for items to buy.
If you want to sell things, go to your inventory, find the item you want to sell and move it into your market inventory, you can double click an item to add a price.

E) Are items available without QI restrictions?
Yes. These are only available from the marketeers. The link is here:
The term "No-QI" items means that a Torishop admin will send the item because they have the ability to bypass the QI restriction. QI always stays the same on the item. Never changes. Meaning, Once the item is placed into your account the QI restrictions are applied again. You cannot send it to anyone else without having the necessary QI.


A) Where is, what is and how do I use the Torishop?
The Torishop is here:
It's the main shop for the Toribash community, and is how the community gets it's items. To use it just load the page and use the various search tools to find the item you want, also, you can go ingame and test these items out before buying them.
<More information needed here>

B) This item is out of stock, what do I do?
Items go out of stock when people buy lots of them, because people have bought lots of them there are plenty in the market, so go to the market to find it there.

C) When do items restock?
The Torishop is restocked at the start of every month, GMT +1. Most marketers try to buy out the items rather quickly, so you might want to be ready at that time to purchase whatever item you want.

D) How do I activate my items?
First, go to your deactivated items. This is found in the toolbar to the left while in Torishop (or by following the link).
Choose the item you wish to activate and click on the Activate button next to the item. Deactivating items is
done the same way from your Activated items.

Credits: Vox, marcus.
Spell correction: SkulFuk

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Whats QI?

Hello, for questions like that the beginner sanctuary is more suited.
Here is a link:

Anyway, Qi is the number that tells you how many games a person has played.
When a person has 1500 qi he has played exactly 1500 games.
Whenever you played enough you get a higher belt and access to new items in the torishop as some items require you to have played a lot.
There are certain ways to get more qi by buying a Qi booster in the torishop.
How are you?
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I just bought music in the shop and I activated it but I don't know how to turn it on or anything

Same for me.
I made my own texture in photoshop, but when I go to upload it I get this message: trail_r_arm.tga - error: invalid texture type/not owned/not activated

What do I do?