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5.0 beta - Steam only
In Steam:
Right click Toribash in Steam Library / Properties / Betas tab / Select beta

New features
- Matchmaking
- Torishop multibuy
- Steam voice chat (oh god)
* Voicechat volume is 0 by default, /voicechat on to enable
* Default push-to-talk key is Q
* Commands: /voicechat, /voicevolume, /voicemute <name>, /voiceunmute <name>

Suggestions that have been suggested
- Indicator icon for who is voicechatting Added
- Notification for /voiceunmute
- Command to turn off voicechat

Known issues
- Matchmaking only selects classic.tbm
- Matchmaking not working in MP rooms
- Self-echo with voicechat
- Yeah, it's crashing a lot, we know ):
- Closing Toribash doesn't always end toribash.exe process (Need to narrow down when this occurs)
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