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Auction:Demon/Pure tribal set
start bid : 3k
minimum rise : 1.2k
autobuy : 16k

This bid ends within 17th of December.Recoloring is available.
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would you recoler it?

when yes could you show me it in this one

right half in toxic
left half in vampire
a half half body had should bin in two halfs too
Hier steht eine Signatur. Here is my Signatur.
I will provide recolor for this set but i will only recolor the head first. If u win this auction ill recolor the whole set
I like this set,cause it is not made out of any brushes,it is made by the pen tool.
It is very random. You should have put some bevel on it.
The prices are nice,usually people put such a high price,that people just don't want to buy it.
Good luck selling it
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