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Auction: High Quality Full Cyborg Texture Set (with trails)
Start: 50,000 TC
Add (min): 10,000 TC
Autobuy: 150,000 TC

This is a full texture set with all the joint textures and trails.
Extra high quality and used transparency. Made by Function-X-
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pretty sweet set there. a little similar with all of the textures, but nice...
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yeah its sweet alright, the textures are not the same, if you dont mean 1 thigh and the other thigh. those kind are the same, notice the transparencies. everything else is different.
i will pm function x to post here. i assure you, i have permission (btw it was like a gift)
and i forgot to say when this closes, thsi closes on 15th of august. (15.08.08 )
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Ekke has the permission