Toribash Season 7
Yeah, it was pretty fun. I wanna do more of these in the future
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]M[ Severe Papercut.rpl (198.5 KB, 28 views)
toe launch daddy
daaaaaamn this is severer than a paper cut to the penis hole nice shit bro
Shout outs to my stank homies D squaaaa ecigga
thanks laith

Here's the last one I have, I'll make more another day
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]M[ Extra Cheese.rpl (154.3 KB, 29 views)
toe launch daddy
]M[ replaything 1

It was nice, nice dm for the split, opener was a tad bit slow and a nic skeet at the end but maybe you could of grabbed the head with it and posed?

]M[ Fuck you anf your face

You still can't resist the hax
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Smallbowl is Sexist
>: (
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toe launch daddy
Kinda failed with this one, only uploading because I like the movement
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]M[ Lean on me.rpl (242.0 KB, 16 views)
toe launch daddy
Originally Posted by 63n713 View Post
maybe you could of grabbed the head with it and posed?

poses don't really mean anything.

also cool replay, you were kinda stiff here and there but you're improving
I kinda did a thing, couldn't get the double knee at the end
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]M[ Sass.rpl (185.2 KB, 26 views)
toe launch daddy
The double knee looked hard but you can't give up when replays get tiring, and frustrating =/

That is unless it's impossible, but i have seen toribash stretch "impossible" pretty far.

Nice replay regardless.
You're right.

nearly says it looks achievable, so I'm gonna work at it. I'll post again when it's done.
Not a double knee dm but good enough
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Sass.rpl (229.3 KB, 23 views)
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