SP Cup 2022
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hi guys
i am a person, not a very important one.

khaek is my name irl

i was here at a request of my friend "Slybash"
im not an alt for him
but i'm interested in toribash
he tells me that this place is "pretty elitist"
that's about it; nothing more to say
I like him already.

the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma
Everybody is important man other then that, welcome to Toribash!~!~!
oh shit waddup
Hey I am new too
I hope you have a good time on Toribash MatchMaking. I hope I also have a good time on Toribash. RAGDOLL
hello crazytaco

keep in mind i'm his spellcheck ;o
<ego>holy fuck a bat is in my room
- ego quit (Ping timeout)