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Long time player, newish to forums
Hey guys and gals. I've been playing a long time and haven't spent much time on the forums at all. I'm looking to change that! I'd love to chat with anyone and everyone.
Howdy, welcome to the forums, be sure to read the rules for any boards you want to post on, it will save you some headaches later on.

I'm ishi, and im the boss around here, and don't let anyone else tell you different :).

How long have you been playing by the way? ;o


Over a year at this point I think. I've had a few different accounts because I used to go a long time without playing. I think I've gotten good enough to join a serious guild at this point so I'm looking around. I was in a guild once before, but they were very inactive. I'm looking for some mature people to play with!
Hmm, you should look here and here to find clans to join.

Just be careful about which you join, don't be afraid to be picky, you don't want to end up in a dead-end clan with a bunch of teenyboppers :p