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Next Gen Org Recruitment Center
Hi im Rift, I run Next Gen along with MainLand and Zolvic. We are looking for more members to join on Discord.



Well I have been around Tb for 5 years
I plan to run this based around all mods
We do events, and are planning to make next gen a clan in TBN

We make mods also.
I have been in many clans (Spark,Tai,AS,Yakuza,Craft,Easy)


1.No Bullying 2.No Racism 3.Offensive comments or Images not allowed 4.No Gore or Nsfw 5.Only convos to do with tb 6.Don't insult others style 7.No Crazy Gifs 8.No trolling 9.No spamming 10. Don't be homophobic 11.No Personal info 12.No disrespect 13. Don't post random stuff in events or irrelevant channels.


My organization is based around replay making and is willing to keep replay makers intact. The difference is that we allow every member to show off their skills and be criticised on how to improve.We want players to feel free and be creative with their replays.To make themselves unique from others.We host events for every member to participate inside and show off their skills.We also allow judges to rate the replays based on the realism, fluidity, aesthetic and creativity. Each member is like a brother and sister to us and we love to have you here.We also have other game channels for non Tb players so we can bring them into Tb to build population. we also have bots that have games that you can play. Join today!


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Hi darkRiftx,

I moved the thread because it was in the wrong spot. Please note that there is a board for recruitment threads. If you have any questions please pm me.
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