SP Cup 2022
Reckless Clan Application
Do you check and post in the forums regularly?
Which are your favorite mods?
Tell us something about yourself :3
Do you have any alts? If yes, what are their usernames
Why did you choose RECKLESS?
A few replays of your favorite mods (at least 2)

Hey guys, I'm ERants. This is my main, and only current account, although I had a 2nd Dan account in the past, which I sadly lost the password to about two years back. When I first made this account, I was apart of a clan named Cursed. We were about #30 on the clan leaderboards, but sadly some stuff happened with the owner of the clan and most of the players abandoned it. We then went on to create the clan known as VanirGodz, which is #5 currently, and Reckless is allied with. I went inactive last january, and was kicked from the clan, and now am happy to be back, better than ever, and ready to serve Reckless.
I'm happy to say that I have never been banned, or even reported for that matter. I am a fairly positive person who doesn't get mad easily, and doesn't lash out against other players.
I used to spend all day on this game, almost every day. I loved Toribash so much, and it was basically all I did outside of school and sports. When I was building my new computer though, I couldn't play for a few weeks, and when I finally got this computer up and running, I had sadly lost interest in this game, until now, when I got an email from the Toribash community and was reminded of all the great times I had. Now, I still play 2-3 hours a day, it all depends on who I'm playing with, and what we are doing.
I am extremely active when it comes to skype or discord, and fairly active on the forums. I like to meet new people, make bonds, and be known in the community, so when I see someone needing help, a community event going on, a new topic, or anything that interests me, I try to throw in my three cents and hop in on the conversation.
I mainly play ABD, or sometimes regular Aikido, but I really enjoy playing parkour mods, or anything that involves a lot of time like hacky sack or hand ball. It not only gives you a better understanding of your tori and how it moves, but also give you a chance to bond with you sparring partner, and have a lot of fun while playing.
I have a lot of 'tradeskills' I guess you can say. I can do graphic design, photo editing, I'm starting video editing, I'm fluent with photoshop, I use ableton live to produce for my soundcloud page. I have a lot of interests online, and by pursuing them, I often pick up little skills and tricks, so I can help out with things like clan art or montages/compilations.
Like I mentioned earlier, I have no current alts. I have had accounts in the past, but no longer use them, as I see no reason to have two accounts.
I chose Reckless for a lot of reasons. You guys seem approachable, you are very nice, you have a strong community, I can see that you spend a lot of time on the forums and you clan page, you are allies with my previous clan. There is just really nothing I don't like about Reckless, so I have no reason not to choose you guys.
I previously mentioned the hacky sack mod, and the fact that I play ABD a lot, so here are two fairly decent replays of those two mods.

I would like to thank you guys so much for reading my application, even if I'm not accepted. And I wish the best for your clan.
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ABD Decap.rpl (43.6 KB, 2 views)
best hacky ever!.rpl (575.5 KB, 2 views)
What's your main account username? this is
Which clans have you been part of (optional: and when)? satire and a few months ago
Have you ever been banned ? If yes, why and when? yes decaprigging and I didnt know it was wrong
How much time a week are you ingame? most of the time, 7
Do you check and post in the forums regularly? yes
Which are your favorite mods? spar, parkour, and abd
Tell us something about yourself :3 I love love love to do art
Do you have any alts? If yes, what are their usernames too many too list off but ill tell you what I remember.
Why did you choose RECKLESS?
sounds fun
[dog] Is and always will be my favorite clan
thanks but like I said I am currently at school I will post replays in about 2 to 3 hours
I will also give you some art when I get home as well
sorry I wanted to list yennie, loganwb123, loganwburd. loganwburd was the first one I made
urgh I'm nervous
Ill be back in 2 hours
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[dog] Is and always will be my favorite clan
I am just some drunk and this is currently my only account.
Use to have a different account Drunkenmaster ... Drunkenfist or something like that i cant remember, I used that back in 2009 and played on and off up until around 2013, around the time the 1000$ toribash tournament was going on, then I stopped completely because my school grades where really bad.
I started playing again on ian 2017 but i didn't remember my account name and password so I made a new one.

Never joined a clan since I normally prefer single player games and most of the people I meet online are mean. You are probably asking so what changed?

I played with Shadowiws: drunk trow.rpl
I don't know what he is saying to me in japanise here ⬆ but he whas nice to me in english at least and we had fun chatting and playing.

Later Jpodmoney joined us: drunk head.rpl
Fun guy plus hes good at decapitating people in aikido.

They refer me here told me that this is a good place to find friends to chat and play toribash with.

As for the mods i like to play: all of them, I am having fun no matter the mod:
-wushu: drunk wushu.rpl
-aikido: drunk fight 46.rpl
-no grab aikido:drunk balance5.rpl
-whatever this is:drunk kick32.rpl

I highlighted the important bits in case its to much of a read.

Thank you for your time.
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drunk trow.rpl (43.7 KB, 4 views)
drunk head.rpl (71.0 KB, 3 views)
drunk wushu.rpl (27.5 KB, 2 views)
drunk fight 46.rpl (32.7 KB, 3 views)
drunk balance5.rpl (55.4 KB, 2 views)
drunk kick32.rpl (95.6 KB, 2 views)
You app is being reviewed
Vessel you have been DENIED
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