Toribash Season 7
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Hello im back from my 2 year inactivity

Some of you might remember me my main acc's name is: Shadowcar1.

-i've been in In Penta and RL

-i have never been banned.

-usually about 20 or more hours on toribash.

-i do sometimes check the forums yes.

-My favourite mods are: aikido and ABD

-Im an akward 13 year old male from finland. Im kind of shy i guess?
i play soccer and videogames and i am just out with my friend regularly.
my life is kinda boring

-i don't have any alts.

-I choose RECKLESS because some of the people know me and i used to be in this clan 2 years ago and it's a clan that im familiar to and feel good about being in.

Thanks for reading my application and i hope you consider making me a part of the clan
i only have 2 replays atm i only take replays from good fights so i have only one aikido and one from skating so i hope you wont hate me :d

Welcome back to the clan, I've sent you a discord invite in your private messages!
I'm not actually the guy named "Finn" It's just an username. We're 2 different people <3