A little late there, gun :P

Edit. That delete though
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This is my Application!
*Enters Stage* Hello! fellow toribashers =3. My name is lickerlint or licker if you please. Where to start, how about the founding of my particular name. I founded this name the day I saw my dog trying to literally eat/lick a ball of lint so I went with this. Not that interesting but hey now you know. Lets see...OH i'm seventeen and I believe my GMT is -5. My main mods are Mushu/Wushu...pretty much striking mods in general. I use to do alittle bit of sparring and parkour but I was terrible at it XD. I am in game often around 3-4 hours a day. If not there I am on the forums because I love going around there and seeing what everyone is up to! I have been banned once because I tried to sell my custom heads but I guess I set up the thread wrong too many times at least that's what the Mod said I did, dude did not help me at all btw =.= A little bit about me is that I love football but I do not play it, my favorite team are the sea hawks! I played basket ball for a couples years and loved it as well as baseball equally loved it. I have an amazing girlfriend shes just awesome sauce, I have skype/discord also. I am a waraholic too even though ABD is not my strong suit I still love the excitement of a war. I am also up for someone to help me with parkour because I would love to be able to do it again. Sparring a swell. I choose to be in this clan because your leader helped me with my clan art one time and he even made some for free <3 he seems like a chill/good leader and that is what I am looking for in a clan really, A group of guys/gals to just play the game and have fun.

ah AGAIN im late on an app cuz of school/sleep.

YES YES YES YES its a yes from me. that app just blows everything out of the water dude

edit: i thought there were no other pages FORGIVE ME SENPAI ;-;

Yeah i thought that was the latest app and when i saw this page i was really surprised like WHAAAA did this just frickin time warp or some freaky thing that i fell asleep for 50000 years
Welcome ^^ hope you enjoy your stay
Reckless is just FC but slightly better.~ Coine, 08/11/2016
Hey RL,

My name is Abdulrahman. In game like you see Darknesslor.No alts to me.Btw I cannot speak English good cause I am from egypt.So I suck at english.
I am 16 years old.I post on forum and active you can try to pm me.
I was banned one time cause I went shit with some one.I am 4th black belt
My best mods abd and judo and boxshu.I cannot put replays because I maked
soft ware to my new Laptop.I am good at abd alot clans need me but they need me
for my skills ONLY.
But I need friends so I will try RL is could have good friends.shh about me Nothing a human in earth
jk jk I love pizza alot I can leave a war for it ^^.I love wars. I can help you in wars alot alot.My skype name darknesslortb.
I play LoL btw if any body play it tell me I am gold.sorry guys I am now helping a clan vs trestet and I will leave it.

Ty for wasting your time.