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Is this clan Dead?
If this clan dead....

i will take it as my clan =D well if i can i will be leader and search for members...
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lol dead clan, and the best slovenian player is the leader
In ko se VIOLA vstane in pojebe vse Celjane,vsi Celjani vsi posrani glejte kdo so HULIGANI!
Locker460: You may not take over a dead clan and revive it.

If you want to lead a clan, you need to pay 20k and have an original name of sorts.
that doesn't matter you can't just claim clans.
From a looong time ago:
[21:56]<Blam>ManBreakfast: Frunk wants to know why you banned him from IRC
[21:56]<ManBreakfast>oh, fuck
[21:56]=-=Mode #toribash -b Frunk!*Frankie'sip by ManBreakfast