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[Hunters]Big book of Hunters: Roster, Rules and everything you need
  1. Contents
  2. Member list
  3. Usercards
  4. Member info
  5. Rules
  6. Allies and Enemies
  7. Hall of Fame
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[Hunters] Clan members

No new members at the moment

Furryprints - Custom Belt
Pitch - 10th Dan
shrimp - 9th Dan
Lordtiger - 8th Dan
Probowser - 8th Dan
Lynx - 5th Dan
Oopyuman - 5th Dan
toxicpants - 5th Dan
2pro4you - 4th Dan
S81ha19 - 4th Dan
fantyful - 3rd Dan
Anaklusmos - 2nd Dan
Gotkicks2 - 2nd Dan
Dzajko56 - Brown
BankOfHunters - Blue


v outdated, since Feb 24, 2016 v
Belt Legend
■=Blue Belt
■=Brown Belt
=Black Belt
■■=2nd Dan Black Belt
■■■=3rd Dan Black Belt
and so on.

Inactivity Legend

=Inactive, reasons known
=Inactive, reasons unknown

Powers Legend
~=Channel owner of the IRC-Channel
@=AOP on the IRC-Channel
[M]=Forums mod
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[Hunters] Clan Usercards and achievements
Was quite outdated and a few usercards don't seem to work anymore ~ Pitch
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[Hunters] Member information
Was completely outdated and contained e-mails, skype names and things like this, sooo:

We've also switched over to Discord (most of us, at least), PM Pitch or Lordtiger if you want to join that chat
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[Hunters] Clan rules
Rules mostly by wiirus & lordtiger, with elaborations by lordtiger.

Forum Rules

  • Be active - Ingame and on the forum, if possible. - Forum activity means that you post regularly and your posts are generally useful and/or amusing. Ingame activity means that you regularly play Toribash.

  • No double posting unless the thread is older than 5 days - use the edit button - With the current forum setup, your posts are automatically merged if you post twice in an 24 hour timeframe. Still, making one good long post > making several crappy short ones. It makes it easier to understand what you mean when you elaborate on it.

  • Posts containing only "exactly" or "lol" are not necessary. Content is key. - This is very important rule. While I can appreciate what things like ":S" "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" , "damn" , "shit" , "rage" , "props" , etc. can do in a chat room, this is not a chat room. If you have something to contribute to a topic, longer posts make it so much easier to understand what you're trying to say. One word post are permitted in certain situations, for example if a simple Yes/No question was asked. Or in an activity check. But not in the vast majority of our threads.

  • When posting replays in the replay thread, comment on the replays above you. - We all want feedback. Not something like "Those were nice." or "Sweet, man, here's mine". We want to know what you like about each one and what you think we should improve in each one. If they suck, tell us they suck. Constructive criticism is best. The first time you ignore this rule, you will be reminded. The second time your post will be deleted. The third time you will receive a warning.

  • Acronyms are allowed, a good grammar is always welcome. - Yep. We understand what MTFBWY, LOL, BTW, OMG, IKR , RTFM, AFK, BS, CYA, ATM, FYI, AWOL, IIRC, ASAP mean. But we can't guarantee that others do. Most of us use grammar and punctuation, and we would all appreciate it if you use it too. It is annoying to constantly try to read things like "so I herd u liek dis vi-deee-oh hear. We niid MOAR doggehs !"

  • Don't spam. The mods will delete it - until a certain point is reached. - Yep. The mods have deleted so much sh*t over the years. I'm not sure if you can even imagine. When I was appointed as a leader(about 3 years ago) I once tried to delete about 6000 posts at the same time. All from the very first chat thread that was used by the the first members(read "the original [Hunters], which were a bunch of spamming kids with no sense). I got a message saying I could only manage up to 400 at a time. Imagine how I felt, spending 4-5 hours reading and marking crap, only to not be able to delete it. So, spam is NOT appreciated. We don't need to hear "Man, I once saw a lamma hump a tree", "nyancat is f*cking amazing", "trolololololololololol" , "hai gais,I got an awesome ripped t-shirt with ponies on it", "I find this thread difficult to fap to.", "have u seen my razor somewhere ?". Our tolerance for spam is waaaay down, and we will be throwing warnings left and right for that particular offense.

  • Don't go offtopic, we have a thread for each topic. - For example, do not ask "What the hell happened to the Replay Competition?" in the "Want to join?" thread. Or post a serious question in the lol-thread. You get the idea. If you want to make a new thread, search the first few pages of the forum. If it does not exist and really needs to be made, go ahead. If it is a stupid question or a lame idea, however, it will be deleted. Again and again. Until those with mod powers amongst us get fed up and escalate the situation.

  • Swearing is tolerated, unless it's the only content in your posts. - Using a modifier such as "f*cking" for "maaaan, that video was wickedly f*cking awesome as f*ck" or "dude, you're about as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop" is permitted. However, things like "you stupid ignorant son of a bitch dumb bastard" or "you cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit" are not. While swearing does have a certain comedic value, we appreciate it if you do something useful. Even if it does include swearing.

  • Do not open threads for things which can be discussed in the chat thread. - A very simple and very ignored rule. If you do not have an important question, do ask it in the chat thread. People will answer it. It's really that simple.

  • Do not provoke any conflicts. Inside the clan or elsewhere. - Equal to "Don't be a dick". Mind you own business and don't do stupid things. Evidence is key in any conflict. If somebody is an idiot, you have to prove it. That being said, idiots are usually easy to spot and tend to leave proof of their idiocy everywhere. And they are not in this clan.

  • Everybody's opinion is valued and we encourage you to share it. - Exactly. Say what you think whenever you feel like it, unless it conflicts with the other rules. If you're a clan member, you're the core of the clan and you contribute to it by sharing opinions. We respect freedom of speech, and you won't be discriminated against unless you post something extremely stupid. However, if you got in this clan, you shouldn't be able to post stupid things.

  • Bullshit is not tolerated. - At all. Do not post stolen art and pretend it's your own, do not take credit for someone else has done, do not lie to us when you can avoid it. Chances are we will find out what happened as far as the internet goes. If you lie to us about things you've done and we find out you were the cause of some conflict, we won't be happy.

Game Rules

  • Be fair. - Try to not use cheap moves, admit it when you've lost fairly. Otherwise you ruin our reputation and that is just plain stupid.
  • Don't quit fights just because you're losing. - Yep. Doing so will immediately piss off a leader or elder and they'll have a warning and/or kick for you very soon.
  • Try your best to get better. - Learn from your mistakes and those of others, think of counters. Using the same move over and over again will not make you a better player. Sure, it might improve your stats, but not your skills.
  • Don't flame others. When someone else starts, without a reason, beat him, show him that you are better. - Typically whoever starts swearing first admits he's lost the argument. Few things are better in life than beating up a douche who insulted you for being weak and pathetic. Valid in Toribash and real life.

Ignoring these rules will lead to 2 warnings and a kick
For serious offenses you get a kick immediately.

Warnings will be given by the leaders after consultation with the top members.

P.S: If you have any questions regarding the rules, ask in the discussion&chat thread.
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[Hunters] Allies and Enemies

[Death Plague]


Single Allies:




Single Enemies:

JustYoking(honorary first douche)
History(lacking anyhing remotely resembling intelligence,flaming the clan)


Confirmed alliances:
Under Discussion:
Dead/Not confirmed:


At the moment each clan can request an alliance in the discussion thread.
This will be discussed and we'll give you a reply in a few days.

Single Allies are people we like, know and who we respect. Before you consider applying as one,
please think about that.

Allies should be treated with respect.
Enemies should not be flamed, and treated as rivals.

Dead Allies will be shown as "unconfirmed",
dead enemies will be removed from the list.
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One of three leaders of [Hunters]. Chat? Identify yourself:
[Hunters] Hall of Fame
[Under Construction]
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Thread Index
[Under Revision]

Everything that doesn't belong in a special thread has to go into one of the chat threads.
Newly opened threads may be deleted if considered as unneded

Our IRC Channel
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[Hunters] Clan story
Everybody is welcome to write a new one.
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