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[Hunters] birthdays :D
Hunters Birthdays

This is where you guys post your birthdays , post here on the day of your birthday in big colourful letters "ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!", and I and clan members and allies will wish you a happy birthday! You'll also definitely be getting a birthday present from me and hopefully from others as well

Gotkicks2: January 8th, 1996
aadame: January 9th, 1998
SilentAssassin: January 22, 1996

Dzajko56: February 4th, 2000
DonutFatal: February 21st, 1997
Butler153: February 24th, 1999

RS1HELLHOUND: March 25th,1995
legollas: March 27th, 1999
lordtiger: March 29th, 1993

Lynx: April 3rd, 1998
Vate: April 7th, 1996
knifekill: April 14th, 1996
Jisse: April 22nd, 1998
Shrimp24: April 20th, -

Felipao: May 3rd, 1998
DisBwoYY: May 5th, 1995
sicmo: May 23rd, 1996
iJoking: May 16th, -

latinblade: June 16th,1997


NearlyDead: August 21st, 1997
S81ha19: August 23rd, 2000

gunshot81: September 6, 1999
Pitch: September 20th, 1993
sunchaos: September 15th,1997

fantyful: October 18th, 1997

methos319: November 16th, 1998
Anaklusmos: November 21, 1997
Lubba: November 26, 1996
Mccqa: November 29th, 1997
TRichard21: November 30th, 1988

Lushsmokes: December 18th, 2001
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I am really old then

September 20, 1993


you may should make an overview of the birthdays in the first post btw
My Birth date is

January 8, 1996

I have the same Birthday as Elvis cool huh?
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just because your the youngest dosent mean you get treated like a baby, i wanted to be the youngest at first, but then doomjoshua and you. dont worry, you will be treated exactly like evryone else , dont feel small, i used to be the youngest in my old clan and i felt like i was small to, but dont worry you'll be fine
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