1. I dont think it will be released through CDs, because mincraft doesnt even need 100 mb and on a CD you have space for 700 mb, on DVD for 4,7 gb and on blu-ray up to 50 gb space, so i think the game isnt "big" enough for a release on CD.

2. I'm sure Notch improves the servers ping.

3. It won't be aviable on steam. (at least sometimes in the main screen it says "not on steam")

4. As far as i know it will cost around 20 €.

5. Of course i'll participate in your movie then
I love minecraft, I don't know why but its such a fun game.

I don't play it much nao Im waiting for my new pc which takes forever to get here
lol gunshot.. I have seen your these "could someone give me/buy my ‹insert something here› pl0xx?" messages.. I'd suggest you to use them less and try to do something by yourself.
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do what I did.. buy it when its early alpha.. oh.. u dont have a time machine? Sorry then, can't help ya.
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Anyone have a server? I wanna play with you guys on Minecraft.
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If somebody wants to, I may exchange a game of similar value on steam for the full version.
Probably my only way to. :S
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i probably would if it were a different game but, im not a big fan of minecraft, so ill let this slip