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well, as you know, i dont go to clubs and that, im to young but ill be going when im about...14-15, but are some , for the 2nd one,skip to 0:50, and for the 3rd one,skip to 1:00.
lol Skrillex is awsome , I already know of them . The rest is not realy my fancey , What im accauly looking for is original unique songs . For example , LMFAO- rock party anthum , no other song can do what these guys have done . These are the ones i like , pretty much party songs .
Here is something i really love (its a music style, which includes 8 bit sounds from the old gameboys, super nintendo and that stuff). Also they reminds me on some old games and it is, atleast for me, a great music to play minecraft .

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Its too hard to type all the songs in my playlist so I'm gunna give you the artists

Bruno Mars
Hot Chelle Rae
Katy Perry
Taylor Swift
Fall Out Boy
The Script
Owl City
Jennifer Lopez
Marc Anthony
Black Eyed Peas
Cold Play
Chris Brown
Cobra Star ship
Foster The People
Gym Class Heroes
Maroon 5
Neon Trees
Nicki Minaj
Wiz Khalifa
David Guetta
One Republic
Jason Derulo

And more xD

wow bro i like that song artists too except for one republic,Gym Class Heroes,Cobra Star ship
Foster The People
Marc Anthony
Cold play and Hot Chelle Rae
There are really many nice songs, but my favorite would have to be FFVII Soundtrack,"Price of Freedom" it's instrumental, so if you don't like songs that don't have lyrics, I suggest you don't listen to this song. But, if you do, it's a bit calming and nice for a video, but not a TB video, I think.
I will try and put in all the bands i like :P a lot of you guy's like dance music, i like some of the dub-step and that, but wouldnt rate them favs.

-D(estroy) R(ebuild) U(ntil) G(od) S(hows
-Amon Amarth
-We came as romans
-A Day to Remember
-Pierce the veil
-Attack Attack
-Bring me the Horizon
-Bullet for my valentine
-Goodnight Nurse
These are my fav metal bands, the rest i cbb to pick out from my play list on itunes
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