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I will try and put in all the bands i like :P a lot of you guy's like dance music, i like some of the dub-step and that, but wouldnt rate them favs.

-D(estroy) R(ebuild) U(ntil) G(od) S(hows
-Amon Amarth
-We came as romans
-A Day to Remember
-Pierce the veil
-Attack Attack
-Bring me the Horizon
-Bullet for my valentine
-Goodnight Nurse
These are my fav metal bands, the rest i cbb to pick out from my play list on itunes
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Do your self a favour, download and listen to deadmau5, he makes some dubstep but mainly progressive house. He is really cool. I am going to see him on the 1st of dec. Song to listen to by him: Strobe(all ten minutes of it) berlin wall, ghosts n stuff, moar ghost and stuff, Lots more download and listen.
oh ya and raise your weapon.
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In my oppinion deadmau5's music is a bit too slow and soft (but thats only my oppinion). My favourite djs are The Pitcher, Noisecontrollers and Bioweapon. They are using great melodies and nice kicks.

lol pitch, them songs got me up and shuffling again! after 3 years...3 YEARS!!!, to be honest i was quite rusty, but im back baby!!!
Lol I don't have many but here is some:

Beyonce (Keep up the good work)
Eminem (Put this in the rap section?)
Bobby Valentino (Don't hear much about this guy but he is cool)
Drake (This guy is just awesome!)
Rihanna (She's ok but I don't really listen to her that much D
Chris Brown (Getting a bit creepy nowadays o.o'')
Usher (Never gets old, Nuff said)

Spor (Awesome beats)
Pendulum (Not much of a fan but he is good)

Drake (<3)
Eminem (Beautiful)
Heard of many many more, just forgot names D:

[email protected] Lol nice music choices dude! I animate on pivot so maybe you can do some song choices with the animation? Lol just asking :P.

[email protected] Lol nice going pure :P
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Absolutely incredible Bwoy.
RSO Teacher|Hunters| ThePitcher ~ 2pro4you ~ Jisse ~ Vsauce ~ Fantyful ~ Tamakku ~ Love and hate you all, guys :).

I've had this on repeat for days now.That doesn't happen very often.
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