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[Hunters]Sports Talk
in this thread you can post all the sports events
Ex. what a great final in the Handball Euro Cup!
so you can post everything from the sport
You should've put in the title [Hunters] Sports UPDATES

Because this looked more like the events squad made it.

Can somebody change it please?
going back to the topic...

Chelsea's Drogba and Anelka will soon be leaving Chelsea and joining another team in China.

Is this true?
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im not sure if its true if they're leaving kicks, chelsea is my favorite team in the EPL(english premier league) and those 2 are some of the best players of the best players on the team. chelsea wouldn't be my favorite anymore if they leave

well, my favorite tennis player, Novac Djocovic has won the Australian Open again for the 5th time in a row he's ranked #1 in the world, he played against the 2nd best ranked in the world, Rafael Nadal.
Djocovic ftw. I like Chelsea as well...Apparently Drogba's leaving in May-June or something like that...
My kicks will give you U-NO-POO.
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Well... I would usually say haha since I'm not really a fan of English football teams. The problem is just, that my favourite team sucks atm