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As expected from Germany. Great players, great team play. They deserved it.
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Well, Argentina didn't play bad either; they had some good chances and especially Messi would really deserve it (also to bypass the things Maradonna did, so maybe Maradonna would STFU then), but well, quite happy that Germany won

Didn't really believe that we could win this, even after the 4-0 against Portugal, but the team has been improving and did a good job. (And if the team screwed up, they still had Neuer )

Pics from 9gag about football

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Germany's only "problem" is that they play extremely safely and seem to be afraid to take chances. It helps when they're behind, but it seems like they don't know what to do with the ball when it's near the net and Müller/Götze doesn't have it.

Still, overall, really well played throughout by Germany, and they deserved to win (definitely not saying this just because I still live here...)
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