Bruh why you makin' me inactive? :P

On a more serious note, we're all pretty alive on Discord and Steam, but I kinda want to get back into Toribash ;P
My kicks will give you U-NO-POO.
Hunters - Trespassers will be pwned.
I guess we don't have enough people around for this years' clan league do we? :x

Also, anyone still alive?
get ur ass ingame and recruit ppl
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Originally Posted by BlubKill View Post
get ur ass ingame and recruit ppl

Hahahahahaha... no. (Already told you what I'm thinking about this topic, but I've found this fancy text about it in an old PM)

[Hunters] never has been a clan that tried to recruit people. Instead, it was more like a family, as in, a group of people who just enjoyed playing the game for fun.
Now, if you invite a lot of new people just for the sake of keeping a clan alive, it's a rather alienating change of the clan, since it's going to lose this family-like basis. And that'd mean that the clan stops being the clan it used to be.