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let me join the clan dude i cant post coz i am in the Philippines but i can fight

rank 500-
qi 500+

okay i want to join hunters coz i hunt weak prey wait for the right time then strike them to a bloody mess ahahahahhha................... then eat

I'm sorry, but to join hunters you need to write an application on our forums, and you have to be black belt.

Also with that joinreason you wont get in anyways.

fuck you man fuck you one day i will be rank one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh anyways i wont go to that clan i am gonna aim high! make that clan number one then that aughhhhhhhhhhhhhh btw K.S. FUCK YOU =D -----. my signature that i am definateley fucked up

Epic pms are epic.
Idiots are hillarious.
Here's one I got quite some time ago.
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*trigger happy* hey,jisse,let me enter in this cla,im a green belt,play very good and im a future sensei!tell to the cla boss,im conting you! if you want a orange enter in cla,you want a green most experient!

Some of you probably saw this already
Silly people , I can see that guy as one of those crack heads that throw a temper tantrum playing battlefield lol. best not egg him on ... DU Du duuu
Those words are random nonsense unless there is proof, I don't see any.
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Why didn't you let him join? He promised us an orange D:

that comment made me lol for a while