I like the fact that you took the time to fill out the application form properly. You were also honest about previous clans and alternate accounts, and that's important. I'm giving you a yes based on the application, I think you'd fit in well. However, like Pitch mentioned, we 're not especially active anymore ingame or on the forums, and it's very likely that this clan gets shutdown within a year or so. We still occasionally play Toribash, but most of our discussions take place outside of the forums nowadays. We used skype for a long while, we've recently switched to Discord. So if you want to be involved in our "community", I'd advise you to get it as well if you get accepted. If, however, your interest is mainly in the gameplay side of Toribash, I'd suggest maybe looking for a clan that plays a lot more of the game than us at our current state. If you just looked around our forum and liked our attitude enough to want to get involved, I think you'll fit in based on your application and the fact that you appear to have done what many didn't - read our rules If you're cool with that and get enough votes to be accepted, I'll send you a clan invite as well as a Discord invitation. Best of luck to you.

Edit: Since you applied for another clan before we had finalized our decision, all of the above can be safely ignored. I don't mind that you applied for another clan but you should have let us know if our inactivity was an issue for you instead of trying to apply for multiple clans at the same time.
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You seem like a nice, smart dude that actually took the time to fill out the app properly, that's rare.

Anyways, I say yes, but yea, like Pitch and LT said we are pretty much dead here on the forums, and kinda in-game too, we still play occasionally for fun though.
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I'm also going to give a Yes to Armspazz, it certainly isn't everyday that we get someone who actually puts in such effort into our application as you have, which is definitely a good thing. It is a shame that our clan is idling on the verge of dying, but perhaps an additional member who is quite active in-game could make a bit of a difference to our activity.
Yes from me again anyways and best of luck!
I am deeply saddened to see the state that Hunters is going through. I do still believe that we can make this clan active again. .
but perhaps an additional member who is quite active in-game could make a bit of a difference to our activity.

I agree with you completely.
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Hey ArmSpazz. Your application shows that you have a good character and honest incentives of joining the clan. You therefor have my yes.
The others have said it already. If you wish to be a part then you will have to want to join in on our chat. But that is not to say that you wont find any of us ingame from time to time.
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And with this, you have enough votes, welcome to [Hunters]

(If you want to join our Discord chat, or the Skype chat (which is pretty much dead since the switch to Discord, but most members still are checking it from time to time, PM me)

Since you decided to apply for another clan just a few minutes ago, everything said before just went meaningless.
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