Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Thats pretty good so far , alittle more detal on the monster couldnt hurt.

It also gives me an idea for a topic in this thread . We all know how fun it can be messing around in photoshop and gimp , along with seeing some pretty amazing effects. But some of us just dont have the "know how" to create some realy cool realistc textures , like we have all seen ( hands , helmets, gloves, robots, ect).

I beleive everyone should have the right tools to create a masterpiece, and when I say tools , im mean templates .

Say someone that has realsitic hand textures, created a full real hand template from there texture ( all white with thin black outlines). Or even a head template that maps out the face structure suited for a shpere ( all done with shading outlining the bone structure). Perhaps even muscle structure for the arms and legs?

And what if these templates were released to the comunity ? Well im sure there will be alot more creativity in the toribash world and it would make texturing alot more enjoyable .

Would any of you be interested in creating such templates ?
remake them :P, or check the photo extension, make sure it's compatible with the ones you upload for toribash
Call a file engineer to fix it?

First time I post in any Art Thread, and I'm not even seriously helping anyone out :[.
Uhhm, maybe make it a .rar file and re-open it?
A hand texture is a perfect place to start since it is the most wanted texture style besides the head.

What file format is it in? And can you open it on your computer?
If you're going to make a hand, I suggest you put mostly lines for it to look real

Not just 5 fingers with crimson color, but put some more detail like the lines in the joints or on the palm to make it realistic
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Ageed wannin , It has to be an actual template styled texture for people to use as guide lines .

So is any one here good with drawing people ? Im visualizing the head as a manicans head, no lines , just shading .
love that head huskai
I could imagine it with pure/juryo combo
also I don't know if this is what rich was talkin about but maybe for the eyes you can do that thing like in the cartoons/anime the hood is out far enough for you not to see his eyes, just those mysterious dark lines/shading
I think you could upload a picture of yourself (suggestion, it could be dangerous to put real peoples' head photos) and then close the outer sides in
Make the "concentration" -> "center" and the face should get smaller so you could make a ToriHead
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