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[Hunters]Activity & Inactivity
Eh, post here when you go on vacation or will be inactive for a while. As in, don't make any threads about that.

Notifying us about your inactivity (You don't have to name the reason) should save you from being kicked if we run an activity check and you don't post until the deadline. You can also post here when you're back, if you want to.

Have a nice day.
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P.S. One of our activity checks is going atm, make sure to stop by there
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I'm going to be more inactive. Midterms next week. Will still be dropping by sometimes.
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Well I'll will be inactive for the whole day tommorrow, I'm going cycling, just so you know, in case you do an activity check right on that day :P
oopy, we do activity checks that last for about a week or 2, you'd better check in at the one I made a while ago. Same goes for everyone else who hasn't posted there since WE WON'T go looking for posts from anyone. Everyone go post there in case you dont want to get kicked.
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Gonna be more active now

Reason: Summer Vacation, though it's about 4 weeks until it's over
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