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[Hunters]Updates & Suggestions
Whenever you see something that needs updating/fixing, post about it here. If you see outdated information in one of our threads(especially the big book), tell us about it and we'll get on with fixing it. Could be anything - belt, GMT, skype, new member, etc.

It's also the place to post suggestions on how we can improve the clan in any way. Ideas will be collected, discussed, and if approved will be realized eventually/soon.
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Anyone up for a new clan video?
If TRs video isn't going up i'd be happy to make a new one and delete the old.
Tell me TR is the video even coming? >:
Well looks like I'm not going to be in it then, I can't do single player to save my life xD.

How about a competition? Maybe a new banner to go with the "Want to join?" thread.
That'd be great. Textures in that banner is not anymore used by any [Hunters] member.
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Good idea Silent, a banner competition would be great

I've also got a suggestion, should I get another name-change? Or stay known as Lynx. The names I had in mind are:

[Hunters]Swag <---- Not too sure about this one lol.

These aren't in order. I'm not sure why I want a name-change, I guess i've simply got bored of the name 'Lynx'.
i am 4th dan(forgot to say in the past)
so update please
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Another progger! let's listen to Dream Theater!!!! hahahah
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Good idea Silent, a banner competition would be great

Well, what if we try to go for a 3d render of the current [Hunters] roster? If wii-man gets online soon maybe he can get around to working on it. I have no idea how to use Blender, so I'd have to learn; maybe we can hold some kind of competition among artists, where there is a TC grand prize?