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Guys, do I change the "Time" and "Country" if I changed country? I move around a lot because of diplomat reasons (can't say out loud)

Currently in Dominican Republic (will stay for around 3 years)
GMT -4

And I'm Black Belt

Good to see Hunters with so many members, ACTIVE members
Member of [Hunters]
Best Clan Ever!
I guess i'd have to pick between Dj and Alien.

Now it comes to a majority vote,

Who thinks I should/shouldn't get a name-change
Who votes for Alien
Who votes for Dj

Please vote :c I really need people opinions.
If I had to choose a new name for you, It would've been Mint. But I prefer knowing you as Lynx D:
So, I'm choosing option 1: Don't get a namechange.
Option 1: Don't get a namechange...
You change it too much...I liked PureDevil better than Lynx .
My kicks will give you U-NO-POO.
Hunters - Trespassers will be pwned.
You know the namechange prizes doubles everytime you buy one? So this time you have to pay 200k.

Anyways I like the name lynx, but all in all it's always up to yourself.
Yep, i've realised it costs 100k extra every name-change, i'm willing to pay 200k.

The only thing I can't be bothered going through again is being known, I mean, all the friends I had outside of the clan when I was PureDevil knew me, after I got the name-change, people didn't recognise me etc. But I guess that's not a big deal.

Ok, I will go through with a name-change,
The last thing I want you guys to do is help me choose between;

Sorry about all the voting xP