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This is the place to post your replays and get feedback on them.

This rule applies here:

  • When posting replays in the replay thread, comment on the replays above you. - We all want feedback. Not something like "Those were nice." or "Sweet, man, here's mine". We want to know what you like about each one and what you think we should improve in each one. If they suck, tell us they suck. Constructive criticism is best. The first time you ignore this rule, you will be reminded. The second time your post will be deleted. The third time you will receive a warning.
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This one was originaly made for a video , a self made spar showing no mercy lol.
The second shows how you can use uke to your advantage .

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[TR] Video- ufc beatdown.rpl (709.5 KB, 29 views)
[TR] Trick- Uke springboard.rpl (130.0 KB, 13 views)
Replay 1. I like the the way you Spar+I Love to se you own Uke whitch is a good combination.(8/10) :P

Replay 2."The second shows how you can use uke to your advantage ." And that was just what you did (7/10)
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A wild freddy appears? No? Alright then.
Only posting one replay, as I'd like thorough feedback on this one, let it all out, guys!
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win 57.rpl (38.5 KB, 29 views)
Hmm, nothing to comment on, I'll comment on the replays the next guy posts then.
I just quickly made this replay a few minutes ago, what do you think?
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I like that kind of headpass The Boddysplit made the hole replay mutch better

Hello [Hunters] i hope you don't mind wen i post in your forum :P
Anyway, Here is the replay i wanna post:

Powerhit .rpl (A good Hit)

New headkick.rpl (A headkick)

Freddy vs jisse (edit).rpl (A spar whit jisse as i edited)

Please tell me what you think :3
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Not a bad head pass , but I noticed you were focusing on one tori at a time instead of both , even tho you split yourself in half lol . Try having your uke or yourself on your feet for the most part , it can makes things much more interesting .

soo much blood.

Ive been messing around with using uke as my object for tricking and to my surpise , its alot of fun . This is just me messing around .
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[TR] Tricks - Uke Twirl.rpl (131.7 KB, 8 views)