Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
I remember every single replay, noah.

Except for the ones that aren't with me

I liked all of them because we both agreed to use interesting mods and we worked well with them.
You were more fluent than me on jumptest1.tbm because I wasn't taking it seriously. I was just trying to see if all of the objects were stable.

Also yes, I do have a fast style, small steps, and lots of momentum to swing.

I liked the ninja warrior one where you were sparring and hanging from objects. Along with the one where you were hitting each other while running. I didn't have the mod to omega fell down and fractured his neck & elbow. Did that really happen?

Man, this is alot of CnC. I don't even know how to do this anymore.

The parkour tag with dez was interesting. After the vault and 180 I was expecting a cork.
Do a cerk
The backflips were way too slow, but I'm not saying you need to be like me.

The assassin chase one was short because I was eating pizza and was going very slow and got bored, but it was looking interesting. Everything wasn't so quick and fun to watch, but it was cool. Let's do it again.

I'm not proud of the unproductive skating replay. But you did good. I don't know how to do that.

asdf I'm done. Here's my first things and tricking

Did I CnC right
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S omega - Ameteur.rpl (676.7 KB, 8 views)
Boom.rpl (191.0 KB, 9 views)
Slap.rpl (73.3 KB, 7 views)
S omega - Legit.rpl (246.2 KB, 9 views)
All in all, very nice replays. In both your tricking replays you seemed very smooth except for tiny little movements which looked out of place here and there. The corks and flips were great, fast and flawless for the most part and certainly better than mine.
Boom was a nice and simple replay, however the pose bothers me, its quit stiff. Maybe go back and edit it from before you take that last step and stand up straight, looks a little out of place imo.
Keep up the good work.
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Shrimp-Spaghetti with Seafood.rpl (456.6 KB, 18 views)

The opener was funny looking, but I LOVED the split, but I didn't like the grab. LOVED the foot skeet. It's very different, but it's in the default replays. I also kinda enjoyed what you did with the head and how you got to it. there's alot of good aim and fluency through moves. The way you threw the head up into the air was a bit floppy on your hand. It drew my attention.

The pose took a bit of work it looked like. But I liked the form. What I didn't like is the chest movement during the pose.

Awesome and all-around hence different replay, 8/10

I'm also starting a stock replay section where I keep the replays outside of my series. Such as my first boom and first cork, alt replays out of boredom etc.

Here's the first stock replay with my alt.


I'm becoming a toribash athlete. Now I'm more of a multi-purpose fighter.

Sparring, parkour, Shao-lin, fun mods host, and now, Sports Rookie.

Check it.
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#Stock - Alternate Account.rpl (87.8 KB, 8 views)
S omega - Athleticism.rpl (465.7 KB, 3 views)
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