I think you deserve some tcs if you are going to make a clan pic and I'll talk to Lordtiger somewhen soon about it (read as: once my lazyness level is that low that I'll start skype).
Fuck yes.
Best idea ever. Good thing is I recently bought the texture set that I'm going to use forever, so you won't have to worry about me changing it. I'm gonna make some alterations to the text on it though. It says react, I wanna change that to Hunters. Team Session, dunno. Probably to Ormo when I get in. Offtopic skillz. Pretty much just use them sexy textures to make it.
I'll start brainstorming ideas, because I want to.
That's really nice Oopy...
I love the contrasts, the reflections are really good too. I can't help to think the lumbar/chest is bent in a weird way though.
Very, very realistic and typed. I love how the pics are.

I'd love it if someone was trying on a force, like a woman putting a dress in front of her with a mirror.

The last pic was my favorite. Lots of people in buildings and stuff. All of them, 7.9/10.
"Never rush when trying to make a good piece of art." - from my art teacher. She said this a few years ago, but I've never forgotten it, even though I sucked at her class.
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Is it just me or does the basketball goal look like a giraffe
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