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I will make some replays tonight if I have time and I will also look see if I can find some off my old replays what some are not that bad
Cut off the parts where there's no action left.

New MP spar
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Deadline for posting replayts is extended for at least one week. Reasons here. I've had no way to make any progress at all on the clan vid because of reasons that are beyond my freaking control. Had I known that me taking an overheating laptop to a certified ASUS service center would result in it being sent to the capital city(and it's still being tested there, or so I'm told), I would have happily voided my own warranty, disassembled the laptop myself, replaced the thermal paste with a top-quality one, taken a look at the fans and possibly replaced them myself for less time than it took them to fix it. But if course, when you spend 1000 Euro on a laptop that supposedly has the best cooling system ever(look at reviews if you are interested, model is Asus G55) and it overheats, you can't help but feel as if the universe has something against you at this particular time.

P.S: As you can probably tell, I'm not extremely happy about this turn of events.
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Don't push it, it's okay.
Well, all I can say is good luck with your laptop.
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Lordtiger if you want replays look at my apply post, I put on some replays, cant put them here becouse Toribash isen't working for me right now or in other words that my laptop is realy starting to get me pissed becouse it isen't working right.

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Laptop is finally back, and is slightly cooler. Should be making progress by the end of next week.
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Slightly cooler?

Also, not sure if I'll submit any replays. I don't want to rush them and botch the job. :P
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