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Okay lordtiger any news about the video?

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[...]I've been hella busy with university stuff and getting to know my coursemates, but our winter break begins on the 15th and I shall have about two weeks then. I have a lot to work on during that time, but I'll do my best to make good progress on the vid as well. This is the second time that I've ever been this busy during my 20 years on Earth so far.

How about reading some of the posts on the last page of a thread before asking a question that is clearly answered already in one of the posts? It's not the 15th December yet and LT clearly said that he'll work on it then. >_>
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Working on the vid these next few days. University is done for this academic year and I have a week or so before I start looking for a job. Hopefully it'll be enough time to finish it.
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Since I wasn't in Hunters to post replays before, should I post some? Or do you have enough? You might be able to find some of my parkours in the replay thread if you need them.
I just want to finish this vid, it's been almost an year. All of the replays I said I would use back then are now keyframed and recorded at 900p with shaders and raytracing. Now I need to edit them all with fitting audio. When this vid is done I'll see how things go and if I still have enough free time I'll make another video, this time with replays from all the current members that want to participate. So, please look forward to that, I just want to get this one done and get some experience before I add even more things to my plate. As it stands this video will feature more than 59 replays(I have to add some of my own replays as well), and I don't yet have a solid grasp on the whole editing process. Next one in all likelyhood feature less than that and be done much quicker
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Lordtiger to you know about the existing feature /atmo? It is a command that creates backgrounds in replays. Try it.

Are you saying that clan members that are not in the clan video can still post replays?
When this vid is done, I'll make a thread for the next one. Members will be encouraged to post replays there. Was not aware of athmospheres, but they seem to crash a lot. In any case all of the replays I wanted to include in this vid are already keyframed and recorded so we'll keep atmopsheres for the next vid, if they work properly. I'm in the process of editing the current clan video at the moment.
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