Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Here's how the matches went:

Matches code:

Brushu (x4)

[Hunters]ThePitcher vs [RelaxAll]Xhiba ThePitcher wins(1-0)
[Hunters]ThePitcher vs [RelaxAll]Xhiba - Xhiba wins(1-1)
[Hunters]shrimp24 vs [RelaxAll]Xhiba Xhiba wins(shrimp pings)(1-2)
[Hunters] vs [RelaxAll] shrimp24 wins(2-2)

Taekkyon (x4)

[Hunters]Lushsmoke vs [RelaxAll]rcarey Lushsmoke wins (6-6)
[Hunters]Lushsmoke vs [RelaxAll]rcarey rcarey wins (6-7)
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]rcarey lordtiger wins(7-7)
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]Diamond lordtiger wins(8-7)

Judofrac (x4)

[Hunters]Nigma vs [RelaxAll]Diamond Diamond wins (8-11)
[Hunters]Nigma vs [RelaxAll]Diamond Nigma wins(9-11)
[Hunters]Nigma vs [RelaxAll]rcarey Nigma wins(10-11)
[Hunters]Nigma vs [RelaxAll]killer3366 - killer3366 wins(Nigma pings) (10-12)

Aikido (x4)

[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]Diamond Diamond wins(4-4)
[Hunters]Oopyuman vs [RelaxAll]Diamond Diamond wins(4-5)
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]Diamond lordtiger wins (5-5)
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]Holotor Holotor wins(5-6)

Lenshu3ng (x3)

[Hunters]ThePitcher vs [RelaxAll]Diamond Diamond wins(8-8)
[Hunters]ThePitcher vs [RelaxAll]Diamond - Diamond wins(8-9)
[Hunters]ThePitcher vs [RelaxAll]killer3366 killer3366 wins(8-10)

swfixed (x3)

[Hunters]Oopyman vs [RelaxAll]Holotor - Oopyman wins(3-2)
[Hunters]Oopyuman vs [RelaxAll]Holotor - Oopyuman wins(4-2)
[Hunters]Lushsmoke vs [RelaxAll]killer3366 [RelaxAll]killer3366 wins(4-3)

Acrojoust (x3)

[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]ynvaser lordtiger wins(11-12)
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]killer3366 lordtiger wins(12-12)
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [RelaxAll]Diamond Diamond wins(12-13)

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