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Clan League 2014
Since we are taking part in the Clan League 2014, and since our first round starts on Monday, it would be quite nice to know who's up for it and when (also include your timezone)

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The mod list is as follows:

+ mystery mod

We have to play three rounds per mod and have to be at least 4 people.

So for myself: I'm GMT +2 and since I have holidays I can play at pretty much any time at any day. (Would prefer something normal tho )

Member's Timezones

Also, I'm too lazy to post all the other rules and stuff, so if you want to know more about the clan league, take a look at this post
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GMT +10
My GMT is quite different from most of the clan so it'd be quite hard for me to get a game in with you guys, plus i'm back at school now so it'd be even more hard. Unless we could schedule a match on either Friday or Saturday I should be able to make it. But whatever's easier for the majority of the clan, do so by all means, I don't mind missing out.
GMT + 02:00 here, I should be available. So far it looks like it would be on Wednesday.

Edit: Turns out it's GMT + 03:00 because of the whole summer time retardation going on.
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I'd like to confirm that I will not be participating, since I haven't played any of those mods in about seven months (I opened TB yesterday :O), but if it's possible, I'd like to see the replays. Another reason I won't be participating is because I'm in India and I have an on and off internet that averages 1 MBPS.

Have fun!
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Our clan league matches will be today at 11:00 PM GMT and
Originally Posted by Rules
[...]Spectators of your clan are allowed to watch.

(Also there's the possibility that we need one more member who could play some of those matches if Oopy won't show up :c)

So I hope to see some of you, even if you don't want to play :U
(Room name is ClanLeague)
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Our Clan League matches start in about 2 hours. To any members reading, this, please get in Skype now and join room ClanLeague at around that time. It'd be a damn shame if we get dq'd by not having 4 people online when the time comes.
Join room ClanLeague right now. RIGHT NOW.

[Hunters]Pitch vs [Tribe]Soap - [Tribe]Soap wins 0:1
[Hunters]Omegadark1 vs [Tribe]Soap - [HUnters]Omegadark1 wins 1:1
[Hunters]Omegadark1 vs [Tribe]zeto - [HUnters]Omegadark1 wins 2:1
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [Tribe]Soap - [HUnters]lordtiger wins 3:1
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [Tribe]Soap - [Tribe]Soap wins 3:2
[Hunters]shrimp24 vs [Tribe]Zeto - [HUnters] [Tribe]zeto wins 3:3
[Hunters]shrimp24 vs [Tribe]destram - [Tribe]Destram wins 3:4
[Hunters]Pitch vs [Tribe]Destram - [Tribe]Destram wins 3:5
[Hunters]Pitch vs [Tribe]zeto - [HUnters]Pitch [Tribe] wins 4-5
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [Tribe]juha2200 -[Tribe]juha2200 wins 4-6
[Hunters]omegadark1 vs [Tribe]erth - [HUnters] [Tribe]erth wins 4-7
[Hunters]lordtiger vs [Tribe]erth -[Tribe]erth wins 4-8 wins

[Tribe] Wins
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Great games guys <3
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