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Failed Activity Check & Warning.
Hi there Hunters, we've been rolling out new stealth activity checks and you appear to have failed this one.

The system operates in such a way to catch out clans that simply turn up for activity checks when we post them on your board - this way we don't have inactive clans slip the net. We suggest creating an "inactive" usergroup on your clan memberlist as inactivity checks are judged relative to your clan's size and declaring members as inactive/kicking them is likely to help.

Please be aware we take your board, in-game and IRC activity when doing these checks.

Failing another activity check will result in the clan being removed and you will have to prove you are active enough by going through the application process again if you choose to do so.

Good luck!
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I've been expecting something like this for quite a while already, tbh.

Beside our skype group chat there isn't that much live around here anymore.
If I'll kick all inactive members, I'm not sure how many people would be left.

Guess I'll have to think about a way to get us more active again.
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As Pitch said, nearly all our our clan discussion nowadays happens through a skype chatroom. Quite a few of can't or don't really want to take the time to write posts in the forum. IRC would require a separate client, wouldn't really give us the functionality and it would be even easier for people to eavesdrop on us(I am aware that skype has built-in eavesdropping by design). Indeed, very few of us have been showing up ingame, and even fewer of us actually play the game regularly any more, if at all. So yeah, this was pretty much expected. I suppose next time we lose our official status and forum. Still curious, exactly what would be achieved by shutting down a clan and implementing such measures? Genuinely curious, objectively it's extremely easy to see that we're inactive
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Hi again.

Glad to see you're not getting defensive over the whole thing - a lot of time and effort is put into making sure we're not judging the wrong clan or coming to the wrong decision. To answer your question, these activity checks are a more effective way of gauging a clan's true activity levels in comparison to the old-school method of making a post publicly on your board that you'll all reply to & not be removed because of it. Clans that used to do this aren't active or even alive, they just survive due to the fact that the rules back then didn't allow us to take action against clans that gamed the system this way. Now we have an accurate and meaningful way of quantifying your activity and measuring it in respect to the size of your clan, this means that checks are far more accurate, objective and by extension fair. There's a lot of people that weigh in on these discussions and they're from all types of forum backgrounds to ensure bias is strictly at a minimum. The end goal is simply to have official clans that are actively interested in or using Toribash whether it be on the forum, in-game, IRC or any mix in-between.
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Thank you for the prompt response, I understand the reasoning behind this better now. We'll move quite a few of the people to the inactive list, but I'm not really sure if there's really a chance for the forum or ingame activity to be what it once was. We'll see what we can do, thanks for the warning
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