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It seems inevitable that our forum will be closed down due to our lack of activity.
So I figure it's a good time to ask - where do you guys want to go from here? I know a lot of you are in the skype chat room, and quite a few are in the Steam group as well. If you're not and wish to continue having the capability of playing stuff with us in the future, I suggest you PM me or Pitch to add you to either/both. Ideas for games that we can play in the future(either co-op or against each other) are also welcome, except MMO's and MOBA's. If anyone has other ideas(I've been looking for a better means of communication than skype, but the fact that it's ubiquitous wins over the fact that it's terrible) for the future of this small community of intelligent/cool people we've made, do let us know.
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Well, I have exams in May, but after that I can play as much as I want...MOBAs don't interest everyone and MMO's are quite addictive but would get boring after a while. Maybe Minecraft?
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Minecraft is a game I play for a week and then won't touch it for a few months again.

(Also, Minecraft is a game in which I rather do my own thing without anyone else; That doesn't mean that I wouldn't play it MP with you, but you'd probably complain about it again, like the last time we've played MP :u)

I guess we could play Garry's Mod from time to time.
Or one of the Battlefield games.
Or Killing Floor.
Or Left4Dead 2, Risk Of Rain, System Shock 2, Rainbow Six 3.
I guess it's really nice if we play co-op games against AIs. Just like Left 4 Dead. Insurgency against AI isn't bad either. Minecraft isn't good for creative people all at once. I mean, too many chefs spoil the food, am I right? :P I used to play that game with my friend who likes going into caves, I'm the one responsible for making a fortress and building elevators in ravines and other building stuff.
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I'm up for most of the things mentioned here. I think Gmod, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor, Risk of Rain, Battlefield games, Guns of Icarus Online work. Basically anything that doesn't become a huge timesink - ideally something that can be played on a game-to-game basis without having to worry about progression. If a lv 20 dude has to play with lv 1 people and a good balancing system isn't implemented, it won't really work. I'm up for a variety of RTS games as well, be it Age of Empires II HD, Battle Realms, Rise of Nations/Legends, any Command & Conquer game, Warhammer 40k games and so on. Things like Broforce and Expendabros should work too.

List of things that I think will work:

Left 4 Dead 2
Killing Floor
Risk of Rain
Battlefield games
Unreal Tournament games
Guns of Icarus Online
BattleBlock Theater
Castle Crashers
Awesomenauts(as close to a MOBA as I'll get)
Saints Row: The Third and IV(scrath that, max 2 player supported"
Serious Sam games

Age of Empires II HD
Battle Realms
Rise of Nations/Legends
Commad & Conquer games
Warhammer 40k games

P.S: Editing this as I recall other games that fit the criteria.
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Let's be active! :3

Ooh ooh ooh AOE let's play AOE!!!11!!1one I'll smash every one of you
Also guns of icarus! Cs go if anyone has it?
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