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Sup, fellas. Any interest in playing Guns of Icarus in the very near future? I've got a bunch of free time over the next ~10 days, and all we need is 4 people, so that could work.
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Let's make it happen. Chances are I'll be in skype most of the time
One of three leaders of [Hunters]. Chat? Identify yourself:
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I play League and osu!.

A wild Fanty appeared!

*Also, that are both games I'm not playing at all (and I'm not planning to start playing LoL either)
I also play League. Others include Mount and Blade: Warband and Minecraft.
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I find myself personally losing touch more and more with games as I get older, for one I have a lot less time to sit down and play them due to school, part time work and other duties life brings with it I guess. Other thing is I get sick of a lot of games as I tend to play the game a lot for a short period of time then tire myself of the game and have no urge to go back to it.
The only games I really play from time to time consists of League of Legends, GTA V, Fifa 15 and Toribash(i'm still quite active in-game).

So even if this clan or what feels like my entire life in Toribash gets closed or shut for inactivity, you'll still be able to find me in-game on Toribash or on Steam(even though my little brother has pretty much taken over my steam account and is playing majority of the time). I have many memories of this game and most of which are related to being part of this clan and the people who make it, ones who have left and others that have become a part of it.
I still hope to see most of you guys playing in game and can have a few matches like old times.
Bai Hunters D: Love you all

Happy Halloween!!!!!
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Aaaaaand we're back!

I think that's something we can only know after a few more days or even weeks, right now it could just be some kind of temporary activity boost.

Also, we still can play all of the games mentioned in here from time to time; even if we aren't dying