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[S] More than 90 Flames
Yes, you heard me, 90 flames.

It's a bit much to take pictures of 90 flames, so if you could check their ID's, that'd be great!

How to check flames

There are many different flames, like globe flames, dual flames or even the amazing piss flame!

Piss flame

Check out this sweet stable flame!

Stable flame

If you're going to offer under 30k on any flame, please leave.

I'm only accepting TC/Paypal, but I would prefer TC. I will use an 8k/$ rate to value USD offers (so 5 USD is 40k, 10 USD is 80k etc.)



So yea, I bought some more flames.

Here they are. Yes, I copied the thread and I'm lazy.

Forge cost: 72,800 toricredits[/SPOILER]


Dual Pairs

Angel Wings

Half Hearts

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________


Flame: negative
Forged by srrwb on 2009-05-04 06:19:59 for the Right Hand (352).

Flame: Lion Flames
Forged by Flamemaker on 2009-06-07 09:16:02 for the Left Foot (638).

Flame: Acid Flame
Forged by OnIx163 on 2010-01-02 10:40:34 for the Left Hand (1543).

Flame: Puño de poder
Forged by Wateraja on 2014-05-01 00:05:10 for the Right Hand (3361).
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