Dont ask how much crack im doing to shit these out
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Xioi - Rikka.rpl (341.2 KB, 9 views)

sick replays, your movement and uke control is fantastic but your hits need a lot of work, a lot of the time they are very wasteful considering the good setups you end up with and they're actually basically the same across replays double knee -> crotch boom -> chest boom (the dms in the latest replay are a bit better but it is at the cost of questionable movement at times and the hits can still be improved)

i would like to see you utilize your movement to create more creative openings and refine your movement a little more to make your hits that much more optimized also for the fucking love of god stop making me look at shaders
Thanks tabby, fully aware i "need" to work more on the dm aspect but i honestly just dont put enough time into it to get anywhere with it since i just haven't cared that much around it and just go with whatever happens. Will try to make you happy with the recent couple of replays ive actually put some time into (i am getting nowhere with them other than like 50 frames a day but whatever)

Also the whole reason i use shaders now is solely to piss you off <3
Another Meh replay for now
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Xioi - Ghoul.rpl (208.7 KB, 10 views)
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top tier ukebashing, the roll on the floor makes the movement super interesting and the destruction at the end is very satisfying

if there was ever a replay that would 100% work amazing in an edit it's this
spar with the mongler above

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I amw ewditing thwis pwost two abwuse mwy pwowers as Lowcal Mowderator
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aliosa_rooftops_spar_nodm.tbm (37.0 KB, 4 views)
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Krakka - This was sick, seemed like an epic anime fight. Loved the use of the weapons although they killed momentum a bit a few times it was still an overall joy to watch. Loved the huge scythe swings and ducks under it.

Ghoul - Dope ass opener and i appreciate the uke booby tap. Start to the manip was very clean and looked balanced. But spin thing was sick asf. both of the booms were great. overall sick replay, only thing id have to pick out would be where your leg ghosts through your arm on the second hit. the boom that resulted from it was sick tho
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Thanks nerd

Did a selfspar for once, dont expect much tho since its the usual 30 minute fuckabout
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