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[Aeon] Aeon
The Big Book of Aeon

(click on the logo to listen to the Aeon Soundtrack by Aleex)

Clan Video by TheCobra

Here you find all the stuff you need to know about Aeon

If you are invited to Aeon by a member of the clan, you will need to post in this thread with the application form supplied on the first post.
Even if you are invited, there's no promise that you will be accepted!!
Recruitment Thread

If you're applying or you have made it into Aeon, it would be a good idea to read this before you do anything else.
Clan Rules

Our clan roster of members who are in Aeon is found here.
MemberList Thread

If you're a member of Aeon and have some replays to share, post them here.
Replay Thread

If you are going to be inactive for some time and don't want to be kicked, post an inactivity notice here
Inactivity Thread

Here is a list of our clans allies and enemys
Allies and enemy's

Important clan or Toribash news are posted here. Only Aeon forum mods can post in this thread
News Thread

And here you can take a look into the Clan Bank.
Clan Bank

Here you can find out what timezone our members are from.
GMT Thread

You want to Chat with us? Then come here and have Fun in the Aeon Discord!

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[A.E.O.N] - Diplomatic Relations

All Stars
Don't kill my Vibe

Eternal Frenemies


Dead Friends
Grim Reapers
Forget and kill (F-K)


Black List

-Hardworker (farmer, not friendly)
-DltBot, Dltbot2 and tagknife (douchebag, spammer)

Super SEXY ally's <3

-[RAWR]bitlord <3


-Finn (honorary german)

Friends of the Family

-Sora The Explorer

So if you want an ally Pm a leader. :)
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[Aeon]Clan Bank

Donations welcome.
Withdrawals not so much.

Please send all donations to AeonBank.

Balance: 315,242 TC


If you wish to borrow TC from the Clan bank, please fill out this form and submit it to TheAnimal/Chirs via PM.
Keep in mind that withdrawals from clan members carry 5% interest per week.
Non-members can not borrow TC.

Amount of TC: How much TC you wish to borrow
Purpose: What you need the TC for
Duration: How long until you can repay (estimate)
Failure to pay back any loan within 1 week of the agreed upon deadline will result in a report and a kick from the Clan. Exceptions may be made after consulting TheAnimal/Chirs


  • Other: - 40,000 TC
  • iSpeed - 31,143 TC
  • Sirss - 99 TC
  • ViperTech - 100,000 TC
  • Chirs - 10,000 TC
  • Jormungandr - 10,000 TC
  • Chirs - 30,000 TC
  • Chirs - 25,000 TC
  • suomynona - 100,000 TC
  • Icky - 100,000 TC
  • Pranit - 200,000 TC
  • Chirs - 100,000 TC

Total: 746,242 TC


  • Private Board - 40,000 TC
  • Tourney (iSpeed) - 23,000 TC
  • Six Years of Aeon Event #3 - 25,000 TC
  • Six Years of Aeon Event #5 - 18,000 TC
  • Clan League 2019 - 25,000 TC
  • Donation to Toribash World Championship 2019 - 300,000 TC

Total: 431,000 TC



Paid back:
  • KOTBOLT - 2,000 TC
  • DEtHMoroZ - 70,000 TC
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General Rules:

  • Don't multiclan. At all. You'll get blacklisted.
  • Follow the global rules.
  • Don't embarass the clan.
  • Try to be at least somewhat active (see below)


  • Try to play at least 5 games per month.
  • Try to post at least a few times a week.
  • Feel free to do clan wars on your own, but still ask if someone wants to help you first.
  • If you cannot be active for more than 2 weeks, post here or notify at least an Elder.
  • Remember to stay in contact with the others via Discord.

Clan Board Rules:

  • Don't spam. Minimum post length is one word (within context).
  • Official language on the Clan Board is english.
  • Don't post anything NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Use Discord for that.
  • Be nice to people from other clans posting on our board.
  • Banter is okay but don't take it too far.

Ingame Rules:

  • We do not tolerate rigging.
  • Do not cheat/exploit bugs.
  • Keep swears/banter under control if on a public server.

Discord Rules:

  • Keep #aeon at least somewhat Safe For Work. Use #tempests-lair if you're not sure where to post.
  • Don't leak anything from #aeon-politbuero or other confidental channels unless given permisison.
  • Use the Non-English Channel if you want to speak a language other than english.
  • Use common sense when playing earrape over the Rythm bot. Abuse of the Rythm bot will result in revoked priviledges.
  • Don't poke the [re]tards unless you're prepared to be poked back 10x harder.

We reserve the right to delete posts/messages that we do not like, regardless if they break our Clan Rules or not.
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So, you want to chill in the Aeon bar,
or you want to talk to the leaders and other cool Aeon guys?
Go on irc and join

Here is your ticket!!! (own Aeon-WebChat )
And here a How-To for using Nettalk-Client

Commands for Aeon-Bot:

Since the channel started there was a bunch of work done at the Aeon-Bot.
The channel is now fully flood-protected in every way (text/join/dcc-flood), beside that it has a badword-filter with warning and kick/ban-function. The badword also acts on badwords at nicknames, quit-messages or away-messages!

The stats and more around the TB-IRC-network

The seen-module gives you information, when a user was online and for how long.

Needed command for it:
!seen <nick>

As above, replace <nick> with the needed nick.

Other commands of the bot:
The bot have also a bar-script added. It's just a fun-script for a little entertainment.
To see a little overview, which "specialities" the bot have for you, use following command:

It gives u a little overview of commands for maybe like beer (!beer), sometimes it shows up another range of commands (!bud as example), just try it out

The command !chuck spits out some funny chuck norris-facts. The database is big, so it will take a while till u see a fact twice

With !info you get a short overview of the commands if u forget them.

shows up the link to the Aeon-forum.

shows some information about Aeon itself. Can be used for things like advertisement, informations and so on. Not much in it atm.

Be careful with all commands. The barscript is also flood-protected. Flooding with it will end with a closed bar.
All actions, commands, bans, kicks, op/deop and so on are logged, so I can see very easy who doesn't follow the rules.

Btw. if the bot bans you it don't help if u ask another global op or ircop to unban you. The bot set the ban again if the op removes it. Just wait a little and try it again later. Most of the bans (text-flood, badwords) are shorter bans up to 5mins. Only harder floods like join-floods, dcc-floods or other ones get longer bans.
The reasons for bans are logged too, just try to be nice and gentle, no bad behaviour and all will be fine

So much for now. If u have ideas/suggestions for the bot (no fun-scripts, plz only helpful ones) then PM me.

Greetings ViperTech

P.S.: At the ToriNet-Page u find more around the IRC-network incl. how-to's to get started and downloads!
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What is Aeon?

We in Aeon like to say we are "More than just a clan", but what does that even mean?

For a start, let's talk about what kind of clan we are and why we don't like to call ourselves as one.
Alot of people define clans as a community of players that group together to play a certain game (TB in this case) competitively, and have fun together doing so.
Aeon is an exception to this, as we meet in other games and chats too. Infact most uf us know each other for a long time.

If you are looking to apply for Aeon, you should know:

- We are not a clan that does clan wars yet. Infact, we almost never do them. We will think about it if we have build up a Team to do so.
- We select our members based on their personalty and character, not their "skills". (That doesn't mean special skills like texturing etc. are not appreciated, and they will give you an edge during recruiting)
- Because we mostly communicate through this game, activity ingame and on the forum is by far one of the most important factors to us

Back to why we consider ourselves to be more a family than a clan:

Aeon has been alive since 2009 and that is mostly thanks to the members staying in contact for all of that time. We joined the same clan not because we are striving for any ingame fame, but because we like to talk to each other (mostly on skype while we dick around in TB) and genrerally enjoy each others company. This is why we care more about what kind of person you are, rather than how good you are on TB.
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