Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Welcome to our newest Trial Member 17april. Welcome to Aeon and best of luck for your 4 weeks of Trial time!

On other news, Rune is now an official part of Aeon! Congrats!
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CkyToh is now an official part of Aeon again!

Congratulations, make it worth!

On a more somber note, two of our allied clans, Element and GermanUnderground have been moved to the graveyard of clans, their existence transferred to an aethereal state.

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April17 has been removed from the clan due to his inactivity during the trial period.

This is not a punishment, since it was excused inactivity, but rather a step taken to give someone else the chance to enter Aeon while april17 is inactive.

We wish april17 best of luck in his future clans.
[Ascend] added to allies.

Rhaemondzzzkie and [RAWR]bitlord <3 added to friend of family.
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