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Celebration of my innogeration into the clan, and a discussion of the sweeping chang


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إد هو العاهرة
Comrades, it appears my account has been hacked in an attempt to discredit me as your leader! Here is my original post!

es I hope to make as your new leader.
Hello everyone, I'm very excited to be here. I know this may comes as a surprise to many of you. Chirs has made an executive decision to invite me and make me the new leader. If you have any complaints, please format them into a well framed dick pic and forward it directly to Chirs.

Firstly, you all post way to much, you will each be limited to two post per day on this board.
Secondly, the clan will be transitioning from a congregation of the lowest IQ individuals in toribash, to a furry art appreciation clan. To accompany this change several threads will be created and stickied to discuss our favorite furry artist, furry art pieces, and vore. The discord will also be used EXCLUSIVELY to complement each others cocks. For our dickless members, we will allow you to continue you existence within our ranks provided you keep a strap-on on 24/7.
Thirdly, in an attempt to make this clan seem more inclusive we are removing the traditional genders. Any mention of either male or female beyond this point will result in an immediate suspension of you membership of the clan.
Fourthly, speaking of memberships, the clan now has one. Each member will now be required to send me, Divine, 1000tc every month in order to retain access to the clan and its assets.

That is all for now. Rejoice friends, I am here.

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إد هو العاهرة
Trump screwed up. Divine didnt even manage that.
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24/07/2019. I'll find you again my friend.
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