Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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The new NEWB leader.
That would be me, thanks to the democracy of everyone who voted for me.

For my first order of buisness, I'm sprucing up the main page, including a new pic.

Once someone realizes I should be a mod instead of Spidey999, I'll clean up the board as well.

Wish me luck!
WOOHOO!!! Finally

/spazzed out

Thank you since this board has quite a few stuff that was a waste(one was which of mine), good to have an active leader.
yay. you need a new clan effence. well congrats litto. hope that you can make this clan something great.
I ♥ BenDover
whoa alot of changes well it is great to have an active leader
EDIT:hey litto can i be on the members list?
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Can I? lol dont have to but it would be fun to be on there because I still basically talking here and all that, SMASH is a bit unactive.
Now then, now that I'm the forum mod, I'm proceeding to clean up the forum.

PM me suggestions on how to make the forum better, guise. ^.^