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[Ct]Welcome Rune to clan
Welcome rune to our little corner of toribash
dont scare him off so fast like the last one okay guys?
I still take texture requests for usd
LEAVE MY DOMAIN! nah bit I remember you kicking my ads in toriteam by booming me in rk :C
I've been a member of [Aeon] for over 6 months. I've made mistakes, mistakes that I don't ever plan on doing again. I won't discuss them, I'm ashamed but I'm hurt because that clan was my family, they were like brothers. And now they're gone.

I'm hoping [Ct] will be my new home, my new family, my new brothers. Many thanks to Calamity for taking me under his wings and repairing me.

I know most of the members in [Ct] and I love you all but for those who don't know me:

My IRL name is Zubin, I'm 16, turning 17 this fall and yes, I do have some problems IRL but I've learned from my mistakes and I won't really be revealing them, just support will help.

I'm a replay maker only started 3 years ago though on this account. I started Toribash in '08 and lost my account in 2011. The story isn't important but just PM me for details.

Nothing more to say. Thanks for inviting me to the clan.
Ik :P


Give me time to relax, still shaken up from the sudden change in life.

Thou shall crumble beneath thy.
Welcome homie C;! Hope you have a great time being apart of this fam.

P.S, warning you that the skype group chat is cancerous
Zwifsters: I've participated ;3
Skype group is more like a tumour than cancer.

Thank you all for the warm welcome and the cold warnings. Hehe. ;)