Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Good afternoon Desolate.

The Clan Squad has taken your appeal into consideration and I'm sorry to inform you that it was not successful.
The reasons for this are as follows:
We felt that the appeal itself was rushed and provided only a vague plan of action, and didn't tell us anything about Desolate's past.
We felt that the leadership within the clan has been shaky for a very long time, and the recent changes did not motivate us to believe that the clan would survive.
The recent actions of Desolate since the appeal, while promising have resulted in some members already leaving, which doesn't full us with confidence.

I'll give you some time to register and process this and decide how you want to proceed, but tomorrow I'll be moving the board to the dead clans board, and you will become an unofficial clan.

If you are truly passionate about reviving the clan I would love to see you thrive and send us another official application down the road once you are back on track.

Thank you for your time and apologies for the delays, it's my fault, I've been sick this week.
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