Steam TB is evil so I don't have it, but I did the math and if I spent at least 1 hour on TB every day from when I joined till now with an entire year break tossed somewhere in there I'd have around 1825 hours. That's probably on the lower side seeing as I've never taken that long of a break and I've had countless days on TB were I spent way more than 1 hour on the game so I'd estimate around 3k-5k hours in total.
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300 on steam, but I'd say close to 4k-5k standalone
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1,110 on my current steam account, probably an additional 300+ hours on previous steam accounts. I'd say that I've probably got around the same amount on standalone too
I think I got 1000h on steam at some point but I dont really use steam so, I have no idea how much time of my life I spent in this game
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